Use Free Internet on Zong (3G+4G) Latest

Zong is a China Mobile company which is very popular in Pakistan because Zong gives very cheap rate rather than other network providers that is why zong have millions of users.
A big reason to use Zong is that it is the only network provider company who is providing 4G internet in Pakistan and this is very big reason to use Zong because everyone wants faster internet browsing, but some user wants to use 3G and 4G internet of Zong Free which is a big challenge but I've also proveded a method How to Use Free 3G+4G Internet on Zong [Full Tutorial]  some time ago, but now this method is not working for some users and that's why today i'm gonna share a new method of using free internet on Zong.

So let's begin...
To use Free Internet on Zong you need to follow these simple methods.

1) First dial this code in your mobile and press the call button.
After dialing above code you need to press "1" for two times.

2) Your classified package has been activated.
3) Now you have to set these proxy settings. Important
Name: Zong Free net
APN: Zongwap
PORT : 80
4) That's it now you're all set, you can use free internet on Zong.

Note: Sometimes this trick won't work.


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ALi Rockx
July 17, 2016 at 5:21 PM ×

yeh akeli 4g hai ?? kya is trick say 3g b chalay ga? because mera mobile 3g wala hai.


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